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freezing tunnel

    túnel congelación

    A tunnel freezer is a type of industrial freezing equipment used to quickly freeze food products, such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

    It consists of a conveyor belt that carries the products through a freezing zone, where cold air is blown over the products.

    There are several types of tunnel freezers, including:

    1. Air Freezer Tunnels: These tunnels use a ventilation system to blow cold air over the products.
    2. Contact freezing tunnels: These tunnels use a contact system to freeze the products, such as freezing plates or refrigerated rollers.
    3. Freezing tunnels by immersion: These tunnels use a refrigerant liquid, such as ethylene or propylene, to freeze the products through an immersion process.

    The freezing tunnel is used in the food industry due to its ability to quickly freeze products. What helps preserve quality and nutrients is that quick freezing. However, it is important to follow the sanitary regulations and the manufacturer's recommendations to guarantee food safety and the quality of the products.