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Fabricantes de vinotecas a medida


Depending on the space available and the distribution, we advise you the best option to take better advantage of the existing dimensions. In this way we can talk about six different distributions:

These types of wine cellars can be adapted to any type of available space since only a smooth wall is necessary.

We are talking about a built-in wine cellar when there is a space available to insert it, such as a built-in cabinet.

This type of wine cellar makes good use of the “dead” space in a corner, giving the wines greater visibility.

It is usually very useful in corridors of restaurants or homes to take advantage of the arrangement of two columns facing each other.

An island-type wine cellar has the entire refrigeration system on top of it and since it is not surrounded by walls, it gives greater visibility to the wines inside.

We can imagine this type of wine cellar in the space of a dressing room. It is a room where creativity in terms of wine distribution can be much greater.


At Real Refrigeración we specialize in the manufacture of customized wine cellars, offering exclusive and modern designs that adapt to the needs and tastes of each client. As manufacturers, we guarantee that the design and manufacturing is carried out in our company, which allows us to have full control over each of the processes.


We are manufacturers, so from the beginning of the project to its start-up our team of engineers, designers and technicians take care of each of the processes.

Each wine cellar is different from the previous one, we customize according to the needs and we adapt to the characteristics or design that the client requests.

We are up to date with all market trends to always offer the latest news.

To carry out a first design, only the measurements of the space will be necessary.

Real Refrigeración directs its wine cellars to all audiences and to any part of the Spanish territory.

With the measurements of the available space, our engineers work to offer the client a representation through renders and 3D in the shortest possible time.

We guide the client towards the best option for the conservation of their wines.

The wine cellars are refrigeration equipment specially designed for the conservation of wines. These equipments are capable of maintaining optimal temperature and humidity for wine storage, protecting them from oxidation and other factors that can affect their quality.

Custom wine cabinets are an excellent option for those looking for a personalized solution for the storage of their wines. At Real Refrigeración, we take care of guiding the client towards the best option for the conservation of their wines, taking into account factors such as the number of bottles, the type of wine, the climatic conditions of the place, among others. We offer wine cellars with exclusive and modern designs and we adapt to designs already established by the client, obtaining all kinds of materials.

At Real Refrigeration, we are proud to be manufacturers of the highest quality custom wine cellars. We strive to offer our clients exclusive and modern designs, adapting to their needs and tastes. In addition, we offer professional and personalized advice at all times, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request a budget without obligation and start enjoying your custom wine cellar as soon as possible. We carry out the manufacture of custom wine cellars in any part of the Spanish territory.

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