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Decorar con acero inoxidable

El acero inoxidable es un material que últimamente se está utilizando mucho para la decoración, tanto de exteriores como de interiores. Su gran durabilidad y un mantenimiento prácticamente nulo son alguno de los motivos por los que este material está siendo elegido respecto a otros por los diseñadores. Su estética vanguardista le hace ser un… Read More »Decorar con acero inoxidable

Elementos de un bar

7 essential elements for your bar

If you are thinking of setting up a bar If you are thinking of setting up a bar or renovating the one you already have, it is important that you take into account the essential elements that cannot be missing in your place. Here we present some of them: Bar: The bar is the heart of any bar, since it is the… Read More »7 essential elements for your bar

Importancia del desescarche

The importance of defrosting

The importance of defrosting Defrosting is a fundamental process in industrial refrigeration that consists of removing the frost accumulated in the evaporators and condensers. This process is of great importance, since it contributes to maintaining the optimum performance of the equipment and prolonging its useful life. The importance of defrosting; a… Read More »The importance of defrosting


refrigeration compressors

Compressors They are an essential component in refrigeration systems since they are in charge of compressing the refrigerant fluid and increasing its pressure and temperature. The compressors are the ones that drive the refrigeration process and are the ones that allow the refrigerant fluid to pass from a liquid state to a gaseous state... Read More »refrigeration compressors

túnel congelación

freezing tunnel

A tunnel freezer is a type of industrial freezing equipment used to quickly freeze food products, such as meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. It consists of a conveyor belt that carries the products through a freezing zone, where cold air is blown over the products. There are several types of tunnels… Read More »freezing tunnel