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clothing store furniture

Manufacture and installation of stainless steel lighting, structures and furniture for a clothing store. A project with a lot of charm, in a place with a lot of personality in the Chueca neighborhood. Located in C/ del Barquillo, Madrid. Year 2022.
Photos Maru Serrano

BURR_TRG_10_Maru Serrano
BURR_TRG_18_Maru Serrano
BURR_TRG_20_Maru Serrano
BURR_TRG_24_Maru Serrano
BURR_TRG_26_Maru Serrano
BURR_TRG_38_Maru Serrano
BURR_TRG_39_Maru Serrano
BURR_TRG_40_Maru Serrano