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Furniture news 2023


    In the world of hospitality, current events and furniture trends are constantly changing, as customers seek a comfortable and modern environment to enjoy their food and drink. Some of the current trends in hospitality furniture include:

    1. Furniture with minimalist designs: Furniture with clean and simple lines is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and bars, as it provides a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere.
    2. Wood Furniture: Wood continues to be a popular material for hospitality furniture, as it provides a warm and welcoming feel. In addition, it is a durable and resistant material.
    3. Furniture with patterns and colors: Furniture with patterns and bright, bold colors is gaining popularity in the hospitality industry, as it adds a touch of fun and personality to the space.
    4. Modular furniture: Modular furniture is increasingly popular, since it can be adapted to different spaces and configurations. This is ideal for venues that change configuration frequently, such as event venues.
    5. Furniture with integrated lighting: Furniture with integrated lighting is a growing trend, as it provides a comfortable and sophisticated environment and helps create a more relaxed environment.
    6. Sustainability: more and more businesses are looking to use sustainable materials and energy savings in their furniture, reducing their environmental impact and promoting a culture of responsibility with the environment.

    In addition to these general trends in today's furniture, it is also important to consider the style and personality of the business when selecting furniture. It is important that the furniture conforms to the concept and philosophy of the business, so that it fits and reflects its personality.